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As a little explanation of what we do at the Academy we have a provided a listing of our closest partners. We work with each of the organisations on this page, continuously reviewing our courses to ensure that we provide the most up to date and relevant training possible. Please visit their websites to see how we work together to develop quality pre-hospital emergency care training.

Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council

As a PHECC Recognised (Training ) Institution we provide a range of PHECC approved courses. Our Director of Training, Paul Allan is a PHECC Facilitator and provides Faculty Development training - both PHECC approved and for independent organisations.

Paul has carried out several commissions for PHECC that are included within the new PHECC Education and Training Standards. He also sat on an expert panel that reviewed Paramedic Training and practices world wide for PHECC.

Tribute to Dr. Geoff King

Defence Forces Ireland

The Academy provided the development of specialist Pre-Hospital Emergency Care training for the Defence Forces Medical Corps. The main focus which was to train and develop DF Instructors for the new Military First Responder Award that we designed and implemented for the Medical Corps. This award encompasses the PHECC EFR award and is designed to provide "mission specific" training in the skills required in the peacekeeping, peace enforcing and combat roles, for all DF personnel. It is designed as the new entry level award for new recruits and also is being rolled out to personnel who are to serve abroad. The Academy assisted the Medical Corps in becoming fully independent and registered to provide a professional suite of career progressive awards. PHECC have now adapted the MFR award and offered it for public consultation as a “Tactical Emergency First Responder” award. The academy also has an MoU with UCC -see below- and has been instrumental in the design and implementation of the UCC Diploma in Military Medical Care, being run under our Senior Medical Advisor, Prof. Stephen Cusack. The Diploma is a full time one year program and includes the PHECC EMT award as well as specialised Military Medical Care aspects. UCC were awarded the Defence Forces contract, by process of tender, to design and deliver the Diploma program as an entry criteria for personnel wishing to join the DF medical Corps. There have been 2 cohort groups of graduates to date.

Institute of Remote Health Care

The institute and the Academy operate together under MoU and we are embarking in a number of exciting projects in the middle east - more soon.

Irish Sailing Association

The Academy has a long relationship with ISA Training. We designed and implemented a specialist Emergency Care award for the ISA and have trained an internal ISA EC Instructor network who are able to cascade the training out within their clubs and around Ireland.
We also designed and deliver the ISA Offshore Medical care course.

Mountaineering Ireland

The Academy's Emergency Care courses are approved by Mountaineering Ireland. We provide all levels of training including remote and extreme environ courses.

University College Cork, College of Medicine & Health

The Academy, as a function of the Emergency Med. Dept. CUH, has a long relationship with UCC. We have e.g. provided specialist EC training for the Doctors who are students on UCC's Masters in Sports and Exercise Medicine Course. We have an MoU with UCC's School of Medicine and have collaborated on the new UCC Diploma in Military Medical Care ( see above ), with the Academy providing design and training for the non-military specific elements of the Diploma. There a several other projects under development - watch this space:

Mountain Medicine

Rescue Emergency Care
Rescue Emergency Care

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